What is this book? From whence did it come?

Permit us to quote from the Forward of the book, which does a fine job of explaining it's purpose:

Men are solitary creatures, and as such we do not share. We are not open with one another. We do not, to use the vernacular, “talk.” And because of this, our ancestral male knowledge is often fractured. Much of it can be learned instinctively, but sometimes we miss a lesson or two. For example, though you discovered your dick years ago, perhaps you have only recently come to realize that you don’t know how to properly hide an erection in public. Or the best way to survive post-coital cuddling. Or the proper way to claim territory for the establishment of a “man cave.” In short, though you have discovered your dick, you don’t know exactly what to do now. This manual intends to remedy that.

The book's origins make for a slightly longer story. Suffice it to say that one of the authors was... slightly lacking in masculine knowledge. He was caught gazing at a female, and did not know the proper procedure to use to extricate himself from the predicament. It fell to the other author to educate him on it.

Luckily, the entire conversation took place over the interwebs, and is posted here for posterity. To spare the pride of the individual involved, we will not tell you which of the authors is the banana, and which is the 8-ball.*

And that's how it all began.

*The 8-ball is Isaac