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You have arrived at the online establishment of Mr. Ben Dover and Mr. I.P. Freelie. Men of fame, fortitude, and - they sincerely hope- eventual fortune.

If you are seeking procurement of their latest literary masterpiece, simply click the cover to the right. Alternatively, if you read books on screens, click here instead.

If you have never heard of their latest literary masterpiece, are quite upset to discover there is no porn on this site, and/or would really like someone to explain what in the hell is going on, you should probably visit the "About" page.

If you wish to peruse a sample of their wondrous work before purchasing, such a service has been made available for you. Click ye upon this link, and be amazed.

Memorization, even of such important information as that found in the book, can be difficult. If you feel that you might benefit from a more constant reminder of what to do with your dick, consider buying one or more of the official shirts.

All of the products offered by Mr. Dover and Freelie are of impeccable quality. You may purchase with confidence. Or money. Preferably money. The exchange rate for confidence is murder these days.

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